What is an easy and effective way to manage your roadmap?

Answer: Start by telling your team members the outcomes you want.

The outcome of the outcomes is the outcome. “I want our users to understand shipping costs.”

Why? “Our buyers have said this is one of their largest pain points.”

Close it out with how it relates to strategy. “This transparency will help solve the buyer conversion problem.”

Why? “This will strategically improve the bottom line.”

Now tell your team members what you want. “I want our users to see shipping costs.” Not how. Not with. Just that.

The outcome. “I want our users to see shipping costs.” Now, let your team members figure out the how, with, and when. “How do we show this? “ “How do we show it before payment is made? “ “When is the best time to show this? “

And there you have it. If you want your team members to feel empowered, you need to provide them with some high-level ideas. They will come back with even better solutions.